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Evaluation of students through examination in theory and practical (wherever applicable) is made by a separate mechanism of Continuous Assessment also called Internal Assessment. The Continuous Assessment is conducted by the concerned Department on the basis of the performance of a candidate in components like Assignments/ Field Assignments/ Quizzes Presentations/ Case Studies/ Group Discussion/ Lab.

Assignments, Mid Term Examination, Terminal Examination, and Viva-Voce/ Dissertation etc. A student shall be evaluated in each course according to the following:

  • Mid- Term Examination 30% Assignments/Field Assignments/Quizzes/Presentations/Case Studies/Group Discussion
  • Lab Assignments 20%
  • Terminal Examination 50% There shall be no choice in the question paper in the midterm and terminal examinations.

Duration of Examinations

  • Quizzes 10 minutes
  • Mid-Term Examination 60-90 minutes.
  • Final Examination 2-3 hours Examination should be held on consecutive days excluding holidays which means that no gap shall be allowed between the papers. The examination schedule will be displayed well in time before the terminal examination.

Class Attendance Students with less than 80% of the attendance in lectures/ practical/ seminars shall not be allowed to take examinations

Controller Examination
Dr. Sharjil Saeed
    ph: +925822-960400
Senior Secrecy Officer
Khawaja Zafar Iqbal
    ph: +925822-960400