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Hattian Bala (Jhelum Valley)

Jhelum Valley

The tenth district of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan is known as Hattian Bala. The head quarter of the district is situated in the city of Hattian Bala. Chikakr, Hattian Bala and Leepa are the three administrative units called as Tehsils. Before 1948, it was the subdivision of district Baramula, Tehsil Uri, before the establishment of State of the Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Hattian Bala happens to be the part of the district Muzaffarabad until 2009. In July 2009, it was given the status of district, an entry point towards Srinagar with a population of about 0.3 million. It is situated at the bank of River Jhelam. The people of Hattian Bala enjoy almost 100% literacy rate. Hattian Bala has Many Hill Stations,which present the beauty of Kashmir. The district has many tourist attraction points including Leepa Valley, Noon Bagla and Chakar.

The rural urban ratio in the area is about 90:10. For the livelihood, major population depends on forestry, Livestock and Agriculture. Hattian Bala has vast potential to produce hydroelectricity due to its fast flowing winding streams. Kathi, Sharian and Leepa are the hydro power stations of the district. This district is surrounded by spectacular sceneries. Because of high peak glaciers and bottom valleys, the area provide excellent environment for the scientific research on climate change and biodiversity in the mighty Himalayas.