University of Azad
Jammu & Kashmir Jhelum Valley Campus



After earthquake, the Muzaffarabad Campus was damaged. To cater to the residential needs, one boys hostel and one girls hostel at Muzaffarabad has been built with the generous grant from the HEC.
Kotli Campus has two hostels for boys and one for girls and recently a new boys hostel has been built at Kotli Campus. Each hostel provides mess facility, services of room attendants and telephonic facility to its boarders in addition to recreational and other basic facilities. For the limited number of seats available at the above hostels, the office of the Directorate of Students Affairs invites applications through the Heads of the Departments/ Institutes for the accommodation from graduate and postgraduate students.
These allotments are made strictly in accordance with the departmental merits. However, handicapped students are given preference.

All whole time students admitted directly to the university colleges/Teaching Departments for a regular course of study will be eligible to apply for accommodation in the University/College Halls/Hostels, provided that:
  • Applications for allotment of seats in the Halls/Hostels shall be submitted to the Dean of a College/Chairman of the Department, (in triplicate on prescribed form available from the College/ Department. The students will take copies of the forms along with three copies of their photographs (passport size) pasted on them and duly attested by the Director/Chairman directed to the Hall/Hostel Warden who will keep one form with him/her and forward two forms one to the Director Students Affairs (DSA) and the other to the Chairman/ Director concerned indicating on the forms the number of room allotted to the student. The DSA will be kept informed of the changes made in the allotment of seats within the Hall/Hostels by the Warden.
  • At the beginning of each academic year, a resident student shall be required to produce a certificate from the Chairman/Director of his Department to the effect that he is on the rolls of the Department/ College concerned in order to get the allotment of his/her Hall/Hostel seat renewed.

The detailed rules and regulations governing hostels accommodation can be had from the office of the warden of each hostel. However, some of basic rules are listed below:

  • Each selected student is required to give an affidavit to the effect that he/she will abide by hostel rules and regulations failing which his/her hostel admission will be cancelled.
  • Fee for accommodation is to be deposited in advance at CSD/ LSD.
  • Each student is required to join the hostel mess. Self-cooking is not allowed.
  • A student can avail hostel facility for the duration of the degree programme starting from the date of commencement to the date on which final exam terminates. Hostel accommodation is limited and the University does not undertake any responsibility for providing hostel accommodation. While every effort is made to facilitate location of accommodation, students seeking admission should be prepared to arrange their own accommodation.