University of Azad
Jammu & Kashmir Jhelum Valley Campus


International Resource Center


The aim of the project is to create an interactive learning zone to allow students, researchers, teachers, media, community members and policy makers to develop an awareness and interest in international issues, particularly those related to peace and conflict resolution. The project is being funded by the Global Conflict Prevention Pool of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the British Government and implemented by the British council and British high commission.


The Resource Centre is an attractive, lively place which not only encourages just reading but it also organizes debates and discussions. It provides access to information and knowledge about specific themes in an interactive environment using Information Communication Technologies (ICTs). It contains books, journals, audio visual aids and provides access to e-resources on the relevant subjects. A comfortable reading space at the Centre allows users to study and to refer to books and periodicals. The staff manning the centre has been trained to assist the users in finding relevant and up-to-date information through search facilities on databases, online newspapers, magazines and publications. To ensure effective use of resources, the IRC is catering to a programme of events i.e. seminars, workshops, lectures and panel discussions on peace and conflict resolution and English Language Teaching Workshops etc. with a view to providing information and a forum for discussion to the users of the IRC.
The IRC contains information on international issues including Conflict Management, International Relations and Peace Building and English Language for the faculty, students and researchers of the University. Apart from information access to the academic community for study and research, the IRC is also be available to civil society (NGOs, community based organizations and activists), print and broadcast media.
Name: Designation Phone: Email:
Benish Farooq Coordinator [email protected]