University of Azad
Jammu & Kashmir Jhelum Valley Campus


Foreign Students

There are many features, which make the Azad Jammu and Kashmir University attractive for foreign students. These

Easy Approach:
The access to all the campuses of the University from Islamabad is open around the year. Traveling through the beautiful hills is sheer fun and excitement.

All our campuses are situated at beautiful locations. The peaceful and serene environment on the campuses makes the University an ideal place for study. Well maintained spacious buildings of the university provide an inviting atmosphere, which has a supportive effect on students.

On campus accommodation is available for all the students (boys & girls). However, students have a choice to live off campus if they choose to do so with the prior permission of the university authorities.

The moderate weather on all of our campuses makes the University an attractive place to study at. In summer, it gets tolerably hot and the winter is not too harsh either.

Azad Kashmir is a mosaic composed of various cultures. Knowing of different cultures is a bonus for coming to UAJ&K. It provides an insight into how people with varying social and cultural background live in a complete harmony.

UAJ&K is also attractive for its affordability of fee. Our fee charges are within the means of a large number of students. Our motto is high quality education at an affordable fee.

Moral Values:
The UAJ&K is committed to inculcating good social and moral values in our students besides their professional competence and academic excellence. We aim to produce good citizens imbued with tolerance, broad vision and understanding and community values.

People of Azad Kashmir are known for their hospitality and friendliness. People are willing to go out of way to help you when called for. It always becomes a second home to those who
happen to visit us once.

Ideal Courses of Studies:
UAJ&K is receptive to modern developments. The courses offered at UAJ&K are most modern. They are designed with a specific need of the future in mind. Because of this ideal level of background, our graduates make best candidates for any organization or institutions of higher studies anywhere in the world.

Foreign students desirous of getting admission in the University have to follow the procedure laid down as under:

  • The application has to be made on the prescribed form together with the six latest photographs to the Embassy of Pakistan in applicant's home country. The application will be forwarded to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Pakistan. The latter will obtain the clearance from all relevant agencies and send it to Ministry of Education.
  • Alternatively, the applicants can approach their embassy in Pakistan which will forward their applications to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which will follow the procedure
    prescribed above.
  • On receipt of the application from Ministry of Education, it will be presented to the Admission Desk to determine eligibility of the candidate.
  • If successful, the candidates will be informed by Director Students' Affairs providing details of admission, commencement of courses and payment of fees and funds.

    English Language:
    Students must be able to speak, write and understand English so that they can follow their courses and we need to see evidence of proficiency in English Language; as a guide, this means a IELTS score of 6.0, a TOEFL score of 60 or equivalent qualification.

    We are pleased to be able to guarantee a University room to foreign students who join us to study fulltime for a degree.

    Fee Structure:
    The fee structure and related requirements shall be conveyed after the applicant has been found eligible for the admission in the desired course