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Jammu & Kashmir Jhelum Valley Campus

Jhelum Valley Campus

The Campus

We intend to launch another campus-Jhelum Campus in the heavenly scenic Jhelum valley so as to be give people of this area an access to higher education at their door steps. The main setup of the Jhelum Campus will be at Hattian Bala-a beautiful junction of important areas of Bagh, Chanari, Leepa, Chokothi, Gari Dopatha and Muzaffarabad. Jhelum Campus is along the Site of Sirinagar Highway which remained a trade route between Indian held and liberation part of Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

The cultural norms of the area and lack of resources limit the higher education opportunities for the youth especially females who are unable to join higher education institutions in big cities. The university campus at Hattian Balla will provide the higher education facilities to the youth at their doorsteps as envisaged in the vision 2025 of the Government of Pakistan and they will be able to take part in national development besides their economic and social empowerment. Initially, three BS programmes including English, Education and Computer Sciences will be offered based on the needs of the adjoining population and further expansion will take place with the passage of time